Mobile App Fight League Gets an Anime Adaptation with TeddyLoid as Sound Producer!

mixi, Inc.'s XFLAG™ STUDIO (Shibuya, Tokyo; President and Representative Director Koki Kimura) is pleased to announce the creation of an original anime based on their mobile app Fight League to be animated by Bandai Namco Pictures (Nerima, Tokyo; President and Representative Director Yasuo Miyagawa)! The anime, titled Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators, is set to be broadcast on YouTube, with schedules to be announced at a later date. Sound production is managed by successful record producer TeddyLoid, with the opening theme a collaboration song by TeddyLoid and Reol&Giga, and the ending theme a collaboration song by TeddyLoid and kradness.


Under the mission of EXPLORING WONDERS, EMBRACING THRILLS, XFLAG STUDIO is dedicated to providing content that players can enjoy with their friends and family, not only with the Hunting Action RPG Monster Strike, but also with the production and broadcast of the Monster Strike anime, merchandising, and live events. With the release of the Fight League anime, XFLAG STUDIO continues its commitment to creating new surprises and experiences for users.

Fight League is a mobile app where players take control of a team of fighters from 5 different factions, called Brands (18th Avenue, Athlete Creatures, Gear Gadget Generators, TOYS of the DEAD, and Justice Professionals). The goal of the game is to place your fighters on the 12-space field and be the first to defeat the enemy player's leader. The Fight League anime will focus on one Brand, the Gear Gadget Generators (or GGG). Intense battle sequences featuring GGG's fighters and their skills & gadgets are highlighted in the anime.

Sound production for the Fight League anime will be managed by artist TeddyLoid. The opening theme is set to be a collaboration song by TeddyLoid and Reol&Giga, with the ending theme being a collaboration between TeddyLoid and kradness. TeddyLoid was chosen for the role as the viral spread and musical depth of his creations sync up perfectly with a world centered on technology and gadgets--GGG's specialty.


■ TeddyLoid's Comments
・About the Songs
I really think the opening and ending themes will help to further immerse viewers into the anime's world. Action-packed battles are an important feature of this anime, and these themes will help highlight them. I was in charge of production for all of the anime's background music, too, so don't miss it!

・Opening Theme: Winners feat. Reol & Giga
We created this song based on the overarching theme of victory--teaming up with your friends and coming out on top. Reol thought of the lyrics after I explained the theme to her by saying, "Even if you're the last one standing, never lose your will to fight. When you fight on by yourself, you're never alone. Even if you're separated from your friends, they stay with you in your heart." In the end, I think we created a song that will raise anyone's hopes. It's never over till it's over!

・Ending Theme: N.U.L.L. feat. kradness(Ver.GGG)
I wanted to make a song that was original and deviated from the trends of future bass. We even have strings coming into play in the second half. kradness was the one who thought up the name N.U.L.L. Most of us know it to simply mean "nothing," "worthless," "zero." However, in programming terms, it can also refer to a character that ends a string of other characters. I think this makes it perfect for an ending theme.

・Working with Reol and Giga
I've actually been a fan of ChiruChiru and Give me a break Stop now from their REOL days, and I've always wondered when I'd get the chance to create something with them. When I had the chance to meet Giga, I made my offer to work together. I think the song we made blends together the unique characteristics the three of us have.

・Working with kradness
I created the melody, asking kradness to work on the lyrics and vocals. Taking inspiration from my sound, he made all-English lyrics that help flesh out an exciting world.

Production Outline
Title: Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators

Staff Information
Original Work/Production: XFLAG
Animation: BN Pictures
Director: Daisuke Nakajima
Series Editor: Atsuhiro Tomioka
Sound Producer: TeddyLoid

▼ Artist Information


A record producer and DJ. He began his career at age 18, going on a world tour through 13 countries as the main DJ and sound producer for MIYAVI. His various musical collaborations and productions have become popular both within Japan and around the world. TeddyLoid has also managed the music in many anime soundtracks, games, and commercials, like Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and ME!ME!ME!. In 2016 he ranked among the top 5 most-played Japanese artists on Spotify overseas, and went on a world tour across 4 countries and 13 cities from 2017-2018.


Born September 9, 1993, this multi-talented singer-songwriter self-produces all of her personal activities as an artist. She began producing music on the internet around 2012.
She released the album Gokusai Shoku under the name Reol in 2015 and was chosen as #4 in Oricon News' New Artist Rankings for that year. She created the 3-person group REOL in 2016, releasing their first album Sigma. The group split up in October 2017 after their final concert, Shuraku Sho. At the beginning of 2018, she began working as a solo artist under the name Reol for the CONNECTONE label, releasing the full album Jijitsu Jo in October 2018. After its release, she began her nationwide tour Reol Japan Tour 2018 MADE IN FACTION.


In 2012, Giga uploaded his music video Gigantic O.T.N to a video sharing site and it became a smash hit. He followed this up with continuous hits like Okochama Sensou and Hibikase, becoming one of the breakthrough Vocaloid artists. He joined the group REOL along with Reol and Okiku in 2016. Many had high hopes for their future releases after their first album Sigma, but the band ended up separating the next year. Giga currently works as a solo artist, focusing on providing music for domestic and international artists while releasing works such as Rettou Joutou feat. Kagamine Rin/Len, the theme song for Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2018.


Boasting popularity in Japan and abroad for his high vocal tones and unique style of combining singing with his DJ performances, kradness operates in the multiple genres of EDM, pop, and rock. After finally revealing his face, which he had kept secret until December 2015, he began work in a new field by starting the fashion brand Remera, acting as producer and a model. He's also teamed up with artist Camellia to found a group called Quarks, where he operates as a DJ/composer and continues to hone his unique play style.

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