The Fight League Anime Will Be Broadcast in 5 Countries and Regions, with In-Game Promotions on the Way!

mixi, Inc.'s XFLAG™ STUDIO (Shibuya, Tokyo; President and Representative Director Koki Kimura) is pleased to announce additional broadcasts for South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and Canada of their upcoming original anime "Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators," airing on YouTube February 14 at 8:00 PM (JST).

The Fight League Anime's first episode will have a YouTube Premiere broadcast in Japan. In addition, characters from the Fight League Anime will appear in special "Anime Side Stories" to be implemented in the Fight League App's Version 2.4 update after maintenance on February 12 (JST).


■ Broadcast Confirmed for 5 Countries and Regions!
The Fight League Anime will be broadcast in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Canada. In Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Canada, the anime will be broadcast simultaneously with Japan's broadcast on February 14 at 8:00 PM (JST). The South Korean broadcast will air on February 15 at 12:00 PM. More info is available on each country or region's official Facebook page.

■ Region Broadcast Info

Taiwan and Hong Kong
Broadcast Platforms
Taiwan: 巴哈姆特動畫瘋 (URL:, LINE TV (URL:
Hong Kong: Ani-One (URL:

Broadcast Platform

Broadcast Platform
Canada: Crunchyroll (URL:

South Korea
Broadcast Time (JST)
From 2/15 12PM

Broadcast Platform
South Korea: Naver (URL:, Laftel (URL:

*Broadcast time for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Canada is from 2/14 8PM (JST).

■ The New Game Mode "Anime Side Stories" Is Coming to Fight League!
To celebrate the anime's release, a new gameplay mode where players can experience anime-related stories called "Anime Side Stories" will be added to Fight League on February 12 after Version 2.4 update maintenance (JST).

After the release of the episode 1 on February 14 (JST), new chapters will be added to Anime Side Stories every Thursday at 8:00 PM (JST) when a new episode of the anime airs. Players who clear episode 1 of Anime Side Stories will receive the Fighter based on the anime's protagonist, "Torque Twister G-Wrench (Anime)," voiced by Megumi Han.

Episode 0 of Anime Side Stories will be playable before the anime airs, after the update maintenance for Version 2.4 on February 12 (JST).

20190207_02.PNG 20190207_03.PNG

■ Fighters from the Fight League Anime Arrive in a Fighter Pack!
Boltechs, a new addition to Fight League's Fighter Packs (sets of special Fighters that work well together in Decks, tradable for 30-130 Fight Money), will be available starting February 14 at 8:00 PM (JST). This Fighter Pack features original Fighters from the Fight League Anime, including Mona Chrome, Kara Fixx, and Wily Fixx. The Boltechs Fighter Pack will be available for 60 Fight Money.

20190207_04.pngXFLAG™ STUDIO continues to create thrilling and extraordinary battle-fueled entertainment that unites friends and families.

Fight League Official Facebook:

■ "Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators" is an XFLAG original anime based on the mobile app, Fight League. Each episode is around 10 minutes in length and will be broadcast on the official Japanese XFLAG ANIME Youtube channel starting from February 14 at 8:00 PM (JST).

Many interesting and unique Fighters are featured, like the protagonist G-Wrench (Megumi Han), the mysterious Mona Chrome (Ai Kayano), their friends Sweepheart Cleanette (M·A·O) and Autovac Mattie (Natsumi Murakami), and the twins Kara Fixx (Ayaka Ohashi) and Wily Fixx (You Taichi).

More information will be posted on the official Fight League Facebook page as it becomes available.

Original Work/Production: XFLAG STUDIO
Director: Daisuke Nakajima
Series Editor: Atsuhiro Tomioka
Character Design: Tomoko Ishida / Yukie Suzuki / Satoshi Nishimura
Art Director: Norifumi Nakamura
Color Design: Akiko Shibata
Director of Photography: Toshiyuki Sadamatsu
Editing: Mayumi Komori
Music Production: SUNRISE Music Publishing Co., Ltd.
Sound Producer: TeddyLoid
Opening & Ending Theme Production: EVIL LINE RECORDS
Sound Direction: Jin Aketagawa
Sound Production: Magic Capsule
Animation: BN Pictures